100% Real Food. Clean. Paleo. Vegan

100% Real Food. Clean. Paleo. Vegan

The Primal Kitchen

The Primal Pantry’s purpose is to provide a range of tasty nutritious foods, which fully compliment a paleo lifestyle, free of any grains, dairy, refined sugars and vegetable oils and always made with 100% natural GMO free ingredients.

Founded by Nutritionist Suzie Walker, with an immense passion for proper real food. Suzie transitioned to a paleo lifestyle 6 years ago and started to utilise the paleo dietary framework when working closely with all her nutrition clients.

She came across two challenges, firstly many of her clients struggled to find healthy on-the-go snacks, that were free of any grains, refined sugars, soy and overly processed vegetable oils.

They wanted something that would fuel their days, feed their kids or just to have handy whilst out and about.  Secondly, as her daughter moved on to finger foods, she struggled to find in shops wholesome real food snacks, it was all raisins and rice cakes.

So in late 2013 with some nuts, some coconut, a blender and a clientele of eager tasters she embarked on making her own paleo bars, the response was extremely positive.

Having finally found a production kitchen that would accept her very scrupulous ingredients criteria, we did our first production trial and the initial samples went down a storm with those that tried them.

Recipes all approved, packaging all designed The Primal Pantry was launched in February 2014 with 3 Primal Bars, which we have since extended to 5.

Suzie is on a mission to challenge the packaged food industry by forging a real food revolution – Honest food, at all times.

She loves to hear what you think of the bars so if you have any feedback please do get in touch – usa@primalpantry.com

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